Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

There's a hint of winter in the air and on the ground and there's no denying winter is right around the corner. Those who live in the mountains are getting antsy (lacing up their ski boots, pulling out the ice climbing gear and so on) and so this beautiful Banff winter wedding is the perfect bit of inspiration for today. 

But it's not the snow or the wedding decor that makes this Banff wedding so special, it's the beautiful love story that has already unfolded and continues to unfold right before our eyes through these incredible images from Julie Williams Photography. Back in 2006, these two visited Banff National Park on one of their first vacations together and while they were hiking at Moraine Lake, Mark joked that it would be the perfect place to get married. Over the years these two travelled many places and their love grew stronger and eight years they made it happend and married in Banff. 

Now that's a good love story to start your day! You'll also love the beautiful wedding design and decor from Canmore's Postcard Weddings & Events.


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