Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Bold matte lips are everywhere right now from the catwalks, to the pages of magazines and on our favourite celebrities. Matte lipstick is also a fabulous idea for your wedding day, so we chatted with the talented Brittany Wilson Makeup & Design in Colorado Springs about this trend and how to make it work for your wedding.

The first thing Brittany told us was that the use of matte lipstick is definitely not a new trend, in fact, the use of matte lipstick dates back to the medieval era, but has become popular again for brides of this cenutry (who knew!!!). She also let us know that matte lipstick isn't just gorgeous and hot right now, it actually lasts much longer than regular shimmer lipstick due to the high pigmentation content and oils in the ingredients. According to her, you can't go wrong with matte lipstick...we love it even more now!

Tips from Britt:

"If you want your matte lipstick to last extra long, apply your lipstick on, place a tissue over your lips and brush on a loose powder over your lips through the tissue to set the lipstick and give yourself a break from having to reapply throughout the day."


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