Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride


Longtime pals Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride and Giovanna Randall of Honor have brought their incredible creative talents together for one of the best wedding gown collaboartions, Honor x Stone Fox Bride. The duo hosted an event in their Soho showroom, showcasing the new wedding gown collection. The collaboration brings a mix of bohemian, hippie and downtown-edgy together in a perfect mix for the stylish mountain bride.

According to Molly Guy, they decided to collaborate because they saw a lot of synergy between the two brands.

"I was always obsessed with [Giovanna's] gowns and their creative collateral. We toyed with the idea of collaborating for a while, and last year we that realized if we're going to do it, we should do it now. Our gowns are traditionally really flowy, loose, and hippie, while hers have that downtown-edgy vibe that are much more formal, much more structural and use heavier fabrics. Surprisingly, our two aesthetics compliment each other really well. We worked with her existing silhouettes, added some new ones, and I think the results are pretty magical."

Take a peek at all the beauty below and you can purchase the Honor X Stone Cold Fox Bride wedding gowns online here.


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