Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Daphine Manivet may not be a household name in wedding gown fashion yet, but her haute couture designs, sketched and created out of her home in France, are simply breathtaking and causing quite a stir among todays fashion conscious brides.

Daphine's Spring 2015 wedding gown collection was inspired by the wind and energy of a forest in Finland, and we couldn't help but resonate with the inspiration for all of our beautiful mountain brides. The collection is filled with a mix of 20's inspired wedding gowns, bohemian touches, and modern flair. One look featured a sweater with fringe embellishment and another was styled with a crochet-knit mohair cardigan which we think would look amazing on a chilly day in the mountains. Both items could also be worn more than just once, giving you a piece of your wedding gown and gorgeous haute couture fashion beyond your wedding day. 


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