Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Miranda Brooks shared her experience working directly with Oscar De La Renta for her wedding in 2010 on Vogue's website. Here's what she had to say:

"Every memory I have of Oscar De La Renta involves pleasure and beauty, from walks through gardens, to late-night singing. When he agreed to make my wedding dress, I rather dreaded the fittings. I usually seemed to have just crawled out of a hedge--literally--whilst Oscar was always immaculate, firm, and assured. I was gently pruned and groomed and appeared, on the day, very much myself in an embroidered cotton dress, but even more so--perhaps who I wish I was. The dress had an under-dress for dancing over flames late into the night. That love of life is the thing I so admired in Oscar--family, friends, homes, gardens, music, and singing. I will miss the sound of his voice."

View all of Miranda's wedding details and Oscar De La Renta wedding gown on Vogue.

Photographed by Joshua Bright, Vogue, August 2010​


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