Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride


Finding a wedding gift for your groom or groomsmen can seem almost impossible at times. Especially if you're looking for a wedding gift that will last and become a beautiful memory for years to come. You're in luck because Heremes has recently collaborated on a new product that is the perfect answer.

The ultimate house of luxury has sold desk sets and other items for years but for the first time in 177 years, Heremes has launched a luxurious pen. Heremes collaborated with Japan's Pilot Pen Corporation and Australian designer Marc Newson to create a pen that is anything put ordinary. It's design is sleek, there is no cap and the tip is made from rhodium plated white gold. Dip these pens in ink cartridges of black or carbon blue, or better still, sample the H red, ebony and blood orange colours that are exclusive to Hermes!

These pens are sure to become collectors items and a sign of power and prestige, we also think they would make a luxurious and over the top wedding gift for your groom or groomsmen. These beautiful masterpieces are an incredible way to thank you at your wedding.  

Available in select stores worldwide from September 2014; Price: $1,650 USD (fountain pen) and $1,350 USD  (ballpoint).


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