Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Today we are going on a gorgeous journey of love and adventure through the badlands in Drumheller, AB. We are pretty lucky in Alberta to have so many unique and breathtaking places that draw people from all over the world because of their beauty. Drumheller is definitely one of these incredible places, with its unique coulee landscapes and hoodoo rock formations, every corner takes your breath away and feels like you are almost in another world. 

Angela & Tyson didn't want a typical engagement session, they wanted to go on a mini-adventure somewhere incredibly unique and beautiful where they could create their own memories as well as incredible photographs. So the two of them headed out with their amazing photographers, B.D.F.K. Photography for a day of adventure, laughter and amazing memories with Alberta's badlands as the background. 

The photos of this adventure are going to leave you in awe and wanting to pack up your car and head out for your own badland adventure. We hope you enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the love of this amazing couple today!

"For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you."

A huge thank you to B.D.F.K Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos and letting us be a part of this adventure today. We absolutely loved seeing the beauty of the badlands and the love and adventure of this amazing couple.


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