Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Bridal sessions are always a fabulous idea. It takes the pressure off of getting all of the photos you want on your wedding day and lets you try something different with your photographer. It also lets you chase the perfect sunlight or a location you could never get to on your wedding day or in a wedding dress. Today we have a gorgeous twist on a bridal session from Edmonton wedding photographer, Michelle Larmand Photography. Her bride, Hannah, wanted to do something totally different for her bridal session and opted for a black dress and matching lips to create a photo shoot she had been dreaming of...and the results are sheer perfection!

As an Edmonton wedding photographer, Michelle Larmand Photography knows a thing or two about shooting in the cold and she managed to turn this frigid, frozen landscape into a thing of true beauty. Together Michelle and Hannah (the bride/model) braved the cold and created some of the most incredible images and left us completely speechless with their beauty. We hope you enjoy them too!

Michelle Larmand Photography is an Edmonton wedding photographer with a love of the mountains and the ability to capture gorgeous photos. She is a member of our recommended mountain vendors and everything she sends us takes our breath away! 

If you're looking for a photographer in Edmonton or the Rockies be sure to check-out Michelle! You should also head over and check-out this incredible Canmore wedding here or this incredibly romantic engagement session.


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