Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Mountain weather is rather unpredictable, you can find your tent covered in a layer of snow in the middle of July or turn a corner and find yourself in a torrential downpour when it had just been sunny. Sarah and Lucas didn't wake to perfect blue skies and birds chirping amidst the mountain peaks, but it didn't matter, they were eloping in one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth and they had each other.  On the shores of the pristine Emerald Lake, Sarah and Lucas came together and committed their lives and their love to each other. It was an intimate moment they will remember forever and ever. It was a moment that know one else will understand but the two of them. Today we get a little peak into we get a little peak into the beauty of their incredible Emerald Lake elopement thanks to their Emerald Lake photographer, Eric Daigle Photography. 

The beautiful moment as Lucas and Sarah saw each other for the first time. There were so many photographs of this special moment but here are just a few to show you how touching and special it was.

Emerald Lake Lodge is truly one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen, the pristine lake and surrounding mountains are incredible and the lodge has an intimate and rustic feel about it while remaining luxurious and wonderful. For more Emerald Lake Elopement ideas be sure to check out our site.

A huge thank you to Emerald Lake Photographer, Eric Daigle Photography for sharing these beautiful images with us today! Be sure to check out his gorgeous work.


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