Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

If you dream of holding a wedding ceremony with the backdrop of the majestic mountains, or the beauty of natural river behind you, Banff is definitely the right location for your wedding ceremony. Holding an outdoor wedding ceremony in Banff is absolutely breathtaking but you should make sure you think about these 6 questions as you look at different locations. Along with these questions it is a great idea to work with a wedding planner who knows the ins and outs of the area and who can help you navigate any tricky situations with booking an outdoor ceremony location. Wedding planners who know the area can help you understand exactly what it will take to pull-off your dream ceremony in the mountains.

All the beautiful photos are from talented Banff wedding photographer, Kim Payant Photography.

1. How do you book it and what are the fees?
In the Banff there are plenty of amazing meadows and outdoor locations surrounded by the most majestic mountains you've ever seen but that doesn't mean you can just pull-up for free and hold a ceremony. Many outdoor locations require a permit from the town or park and there may be restrictions that you should check into before making a final decision. The town of Banff has all the information you need about wedding ceremonies here. And Parks Canada has further information about outdoor wedding ceremonies in Banff here.

2. How will your guests get to the ceremony?
Choosing a gorgeous ceremony location beside a river or on top of a mountain in Banff may be everything you have dreamed of but you must consider how your guests will get their. Is your Grandma able to hike to the location? If your guests are travelling to Banff for your wedding it is also a good idea to arrange transportation to the ceremony location if it is not in town or within walking distance. 

3. Can it fit all of your guests?
It seems like an obvious question but it can easily be forgotten about in the moment of discovering a beautiful location for your Banff wedding ceremony. The rule of thumb is you need 16 square feet of space per guest and then double that to make room for your altar, aisle etc. You don't want guests crammed into a location that doesn't have enough room or that doesn't allow all of your guests to see the ceremony clearly.

4. Does it have amenities?
A wedding ceremony typically takes 30-45 minutes but guests will need to arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of time and will take time to exit. Not everyone will need to use the washroom but it is necessary to ensure there is some type of washroom nearby or the ability to bring portable washrooms to the locations. When deciding on your Banff ceremony location you should also take into account how your guests will hear you, you don't want the officiant to sound like they are screaming at the top of their lungs. If there are no outlets you can always use a small portable generator as a backup (if permitted).

5. Will there be peace and quiet?
Having privacy is very important for your wedding ceremony and it's important to take into account how busy the location you have chosen will be. If you are working with a venue for your ceremony talk to the venue manager about how quiet it will be or how they plan to keep tourists/passerbys away from the ceremony. If you are choosing a public location for your outdoor ceremony you will not be able to guarantee privacy but you should take that into account when looking at a ceremony location. Take note of how busy/noisy it is in order to see if it is something that you will be comfortable with on the day of your wedding.

6. Will the light be flattering at the time of day you are getting married?
During your wedding ceremony you will be standing in one place the majority of the time and it is crucial that the lighting will work for your guests and the photographer. You need to check how the sun will hit that location at the time of your wedding to ensure your guests won't be blinded by the sun and your photographer will be able to get gorgeous photos of the moment.

These 6 questions are some of the things that will help make your Banff wedding ceremony comfortable for you and guests. It may seem like a lot of things to consider, but in the end we know there are many incredible locations for your wedding ceremony and you'll find something perfect! Take a peek at our site for more Banff wedding inspiration and for everything you need to plan a perfect Banff wedding. 


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