Beautiful Wedding Inspiration for the Mountain Bride

Edmonton wedding photographer, B.D.F.K. Photography has become famous for capturing incredible landscape images of the mountains and his clients leading to numerous fearless photography awards, professional wedding photographers of Canada awards and countless others. One of their images this summer even went viral and was featured across Canada and as far as the news in Russia (you can see that photo over here in the 'Cutest Engagement Photo'). We're always thrilled when we have a chance to take you on a mesmerizing journey through the mountains with their photos and today we are going for one beautiful ride!

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Chantelle and Jayson were not able to get out to the Rocky mountains during their wedding so they planned an adventure session or after session in Jasper National Park where they could focus on simply spending time together in the mountains and capturing all of the beauty in photos. They brought along their Edmonton wedding photographer, B.D.F.K. Photography to work magic and they did not disappoint one bit!

They day wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, clouds rolled in and out and the sky looked precarious at times but it only added to the adventure of the experience and the beauty they were able to capture. We are absolutely in love with these stunning images and hope you enjoy them today too!

A huge thank-you to Edmonton wedding photographer, B.D.F.K. Photography for letting us share in this beautiful after session today and taking on such a wonderful journey and feast for the eyes!

B.D.F.K. Photography is a member of our recommended mountain vendors and always an incredible wedding photographer. From Edmonton to the Rockies they are an amazing photographer you need to check-out! You can view their profile here along with all of their features and work.


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